Torquay is a beautiful and sunny place to live (compared to most of the UK) but its famous coastal micro-climate makes it an ideal breeding ground for the organic growth that causes red, green, and black, staining, on many properties. This is why render cleaning Torquay is so important for many property owners and managers in this seaside town. The coastal winds, mineral salts, and humidity create the perfect cocktail for algae and filamentous fungi to flourish. This is when Bishops Exterior Cleaning come to the rescue.

Torquay Render cleaning is a necessity for homes and commercial premises alike. We are a vastly experienced and expert contractor when it comes to render cleaning and restoration  in the area.

Render Cleaning Torquay

Safe and Efficient Render Cleaning

Bishops Exterior Cleaning restore render to an ‘as new’ condition using the latest softwashing technology. Using special high reach poles we can work from the safety of the ground to remove the red, green, and black stains on render, and kill the organic growth that causes it at root.

Working At Height? No Problem

When accessing the higher reaches of a render elevation is difficult we are well prepared to deliver. Bishops Exterior Cleaning use the most appropriate access equipment for the job at hand. We use Moving Elevating Work Platforms, scaffolding, or even abseil, as required. We will always explain our methods in full and select the cheapest, effective, option for the job. We work safely, with full insurance and certification for all our operatives.

Projects Of Any Scale

Render elevations come in all sizes. Whether you rent or own a small propert, or manage a large apartment or office block, we are well set to tackle the job at hand. While we work UK wide we specialise in projects in the South West, particularly Devon.



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