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Read more about the exterior cleaning services we offer at Bishop's Exterior Cleaning. We provide exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial customers in Dawlish and throughout Devon. Give us a call on either 01626 798 188 or 07938 377 547 to find out more about our exterior cleaning services.

Residential Exterior Cleaning

Residential exterior cleaning services in Dawlish and throughout Devon.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Commercial exterior cleaning services in Dawlish and throughout Devon.

Who We Are & What We Do

At Bishop’s Exterior Cleaning are based in Dawlish. We are a local provider of exterior cleaning- Devon and the South West. We provide a range of services including render cleaning, roof cleaning, softwashing, window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter clearance, gutter cleaning, soffit & fascia cleaning, steam cleaning, and more. If you are interested in exterior cleaning in Devon we can help.

Our staff are all fully trained in all aspects of exterior cleaning and in the use of any equipment and cleaning solutions that they use. We provide commercial and residential services to businesses, homeowners, tenants, landlords and letting agents, working on all property types including hotels, shops, restaurants, houses, apartment blocks and more.

Cleaning building exteriors is a specialist occupation. In years gone by the only technology used to clean building exteriors was good old fashioned elbow grease, and pressure washing. While this is effective on some substrates it risks damaging more sensitive substrates like render, brickwork, and most roofs. It will also not kill and often not even remove organic growth that causes characteristic red and green staining.

This is where newer technologies like softwashing and steam cleaning come in handy, and where we offer significant value as a contractor. These technologies respect sensitive substrates and if used correctly there is no risk of damage. This makes us ideal for render cleaning, roof cleaning, and brickwork cleaning, as well as standard services like window cleaning.

Our softwashing and steam washing technology is powerful and effective. It will kill and remove all traces of organic growth from a building- making popular render substrates like K-Rend and Sto Render appear as good as new. This removes the costs and complications of painting render- a process which should be avoided if possible as it is complex and expensive.

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