Situated on the Devon and Cornwall border Plymouth is an exposed coastal region, with high levels of precipitation. These atmospheric factors contribute to immensely to the growth of algae and filamentous fungi that live in porous building substrates, like render. For this reason  Plymouth render cleaning is a large part of what we do. Render is hugely common in Plymouth, as in many parts of the UK. As it is a versatile and enduring building material. It is prone to stain however, typically red, green, and black, as organic growth takes a hold. Left untreated these stains are not only unsightly but actually pose a risk to the renders integrity. If you require Plymouth render cleaning feel free to get in touch with Bishops Exterior Cleaning today.

Softwashing- The Most Effective Way to Clean Render

More old fashioned cleaning methods like power washing will not clean most render effectively. Not only this- but they also risk damaging the substrate- this is because render does not typically respond well to uncontrolled bursts of high pressure. Bishops Exterior Cleaning uses the latest Softwashing technology- that uses low pressure cleaning techniques, such as steam and biocide. Softwashing render not only cleans it, and removes stains, but it also does so more efficiently, using less power and water. This usually means that softwashing is cheaper and better for the environment too.


Access All Areas

Softwashing in most instances can be done completely safely from the safety of the ground, this is because we use specially designed high reach poles. Taller buildings, or those with irregular facades, may need some access equipment however. Typically we will use a Moving Elevating Work Platform- aka MEWP- as these are the most cost effective options. But we have worked alongside abseil cleaners, and off scaffolding when required.




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