If you have noticed discolouration and dirt on your render then we you need Render cleaning Devon with Bishop’s Exterior Cleaning. We clean render and restore render.

Organic Growth?

Render often needs cleaning as it has become colonised with organic growth. Bacteria will inhabit porous substrates like render, and this can lead to red and green stains appearing on your building wall. These stains cannot be removed by conventional cleaning techniques, as it is necessary to use cleaning agents with a biocidal effect.  You may also notice black mould appear. This is caused by filamentous fungi- and it is even harder to remove than red and green staining. Fortunately with specialist training from companies like Bishops Exterior Cleaning all kinds of stains caused by organic growth can now be removed.

Render Cleaning across Devon and the South Hams

Render Cleaning Devon is such a popular service because of the counties geography. We all know that Devon is a coastal region, with very particular micro-climates in Torquay and Dartmoor. This makes the county one of the warmest and dampest in the UK. When you through salt minerals in the air to that mix you have a prefect environment for organic growth to flourish on render.

Working at height? No Problem

The beauty of cleaning render using softwashing is that much of the work can be completed from the safety of the ground. In some circumstances however access can be an issue. At Bishop’s Exterior Cleaning we have worked on projects of all sizes and scales, and there is no job we can’t handle. We will use Moving Elevating Work Platforms, to reach most awkward areas, and scaffold or abseil cleaning if this is not possible. Even tall and awkward buildings are cleaned and restored with us.

Contact Us today for clean render

Cleaning render is made painless with Bishop’s Exterior Cleaning. The process of softwashing is much more effective and economical than pressure washing. If you want clean render in Devon look no further- contact us today.[/vc_column_text]